Area of Trainings

  • Volunteer Basic Concept Training
  • Volunteer Service Skills Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Volunteer Service Management
  • Risk Management in Volunteer Service
  • Sharing on Volunteerism by the Hong Kong Volunteer Award Winner (Free)


​        Profile of The Hong Kong Volunteer Award Winners (Chinese Version Only)
        On-line Application (Chinese Version Only)


Training Content Brochure (Chinsese Version Only)

Training Team (Chinsese Version Only)

Training Fee (Chinese Version Only)



Our members not only acquired the knowledge of volunteer services, but also had a better understanding on the roles and responsibilities of being a volunteer. The techniques on providing services to elderly were also practical.

The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries
Ms Louisa Lau (Registrar)





With the trainers’professionalism and enthusiasm, the leadership skills and perspective in volunteerism of Police volunteer leaders have enhanced that will lead to the more comprehensive volunteer services we provided to the community.

Hong Kong Police Volunteer Service Corps
Mr Chan Kin-kwok, Larry (Convenor)