Volunteer Link is an online platform set up by the Hong Kong Institute of Volunteers (HKIoV) of Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) with aims to promote the quality of volunteer service. You would be able to obtain lots of volunteering materials here, including local and overseas literatures, research, seminar papers, references and service guides on volunteering. Besides, our training course information, online courses channel and volunteering journal will be updated regularly on Volunteer Link to share with volunteer leaders, volunteers and the public to facilitate advancement of volunteerism and effective use of volunteer resources.
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Walk with AVS, Fight against Coronavirus

In early 2020, the Coronavirus spread all over the world, including Hong Kong.  Shortage of protective supplies has greatly affected the daily life of the general public.  To fight the epidemic, Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) has launched various services to mobilize volunteers to help those in need, spread correct information and positive messages in the society.  More

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Key Title Upadte Date Download
433 Empathy 101 - To feel and respond to the emotions 2024-02-29
432 Active Listening 2024-01-31
430 Innovative post-pandemic volunteer services in the Greater Bay Area 2023-03-17